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SEABA is a graduate student committee dedicated to promoting East Asian culture and business etiquettes to Schuligans. We help individuals to better understand the business environment and manners in the East Asian region and support those who came from East Asian countries to assimilate into the Schulich community and the North American culture at the meantime. As a student-run organization, for 15 years, SEABA has been devoted in various areas:

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We provide you with a wide range of professional career coaching services. The tailored high-quality career development advice is included in all SEABA membership. In order to better satisfy your needs, two membership models are currently listed to be coordinated with different programs in Schulich. Below is the brief description.

SEABA Alumni Forum

To better connect students with our alumni, the SEABA Forum will be a resourceful platform for individuals to share just about everything related to student lives, career development, and industry insights.