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SEABA is a graduate student committee dedicated to promoting East Asian culture and business etiquettes to Schuligans. We help individuals to better understand the business environment and manners in the East Asian region and support those who came from East Asian countries to assimilate into the Schulich community and the North American culture at the meantime. As a student-run organization, for 15 years, SEABA has been devoted in various areas:

Meet our team 2019-2020

VP of External Affairs

VP of Career Development

Hao is a first-year MBA student. He graduated in Saint Mary’s University with a double major in Finance and Accounting back in 2014. Hao worked in the largest hedge fund administration company for four years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He plans to continue his career in the finance industry after graduates from MBA. Hao enjoys being outdoors, he is ready to explore different outdoor adventures with all SEABA members together!

Shiyu(Sherry) Fu

VP of Finance

Shiyu Fu is a Master of Finance student who specialized in risk management and is expecting to graduate in 2019. She is keen on getting to know people and building connections. She is always passionate about attending social events and doing volunteer.

Sue Kim

VP of Marketing

Sue Kim is an MBA Candidate of class 2020. Before she started her MBA in Schulich, Sue managed her own Jewelry business working in the retail and wholesale industry. She worked with department stores in Korea as a vendor and also expanded her business in the USA through design exhibitions. She is passionate about fashion and retail industries and is seeking opportunities in these areas.

Chunyu(Andy) Wang

VP of Internal Affairs

Andy is an International MBA student who is passionate about optimization in operations management. Starting with a bachelor’s degree and internship at Walt Disney in the Tourism Industry, ending up in operations management in the manufacturing industry, he has 6 years’ management experience across several functional areas and industries. Presently, he is taking an internship with CAA at Toronto in the coming summer. At leisure, he is an enthusiastic traveler who has been to 16 countries across 4 continents.

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